Healing Within  Soul Wellness  - Shamanism, Reiki, Angel & Chi Gong Teacher

Learn about this powerful path for healing, Meditation, Journey work spiritual connection, learning what your passion is, sound healing vibration, Working together with the magic that surrounds you.

About Karen Woodley    
She has been studying alternative healing for the past Eighteen years

 She is a Reiki Master, 
Shaman, Angelic Healer 
Qi-Gong teacher

Eighteen Years Ago She Started Her Journey To Self Healing:

   Karen did her studies of Shamanism at the Canadian Centre for Shamanic in Algonquin Park,  
This was a two-year program, with a 24 hour solo in Algonquin Park, Vision quest...  She still continues her studies in Shamanic work & her connection to her shaman family.  
   In George Town Ontario she studied Angelic Healing work & got her mastery in Reiki. 
.   She studied Qi-Gong in Toronto Ont where she got my teaching certificate.
   She also learned The Body Talk connection, in Kingston Ontario. 

Believe in the MAGIC that surrounds you:
Ever since I was a young girl,  I could feel the energy of spirit around me, this energy was very strong but also very frightening. I didn't understand what it was. 
  It wasn't until I was in my thirties, where I lost a dear friend and I asked him if he was still with me, and all of a sudden all the lights in that room turned off except my clock radio and then all the lights turned back on. I called our store to see if the lights had turned off.  "NO".  At that moment something changed within me, my perception of this energy,  I felt safe, all of my fear left me and was changed to loving, supportive energy.   I believe we all have this loving energy that is there to help us all.  

                                               Some times it as easy as changing our perception

  I wanted to learn more about spirit, I would go to book stores and books were almost falling into my lap, The teachers were showing up in my life.  I met a teacher who told me about Reiki, then I went to a charity fundraiser for women and the guest speaker talked about Angels and self-healing, The doors continued to open to this new path of self. 

Women's Soul Sister Gathering 
Moon Ceremony
We will be gathering once a Month.,
1 - 3
3rd Saturday of Each Month 

Having fun creating & meeting new friends  

You will need to bring a yoga mat  
Cost $20
The Power of Shamanism
Reiki, Angelic Healing
Chi Gong

  I teach meditation, breath work, journey work, shamanism,  sound vibrational healing & chakras balancing & much more

We will be also be going outside so dress appropriately


For More Information
Call or Massage

Private Healing is also available

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